Seoul Diary : Cat Cafe #2 (Warning, Cat Overload)

Another Seoul Diary post, another cat cafe and this one was SO MUCH BETTER than the last one! These cats were needy as hell, all wanting some love and attention, a cuddle here and there. This cafe wasn’t as popular as the other one, it was bigger and they had more cats D: it was also in Myeong-dong. How cute is the Scottish fold cat? ^___^ And the one with his head on the chair! Aha.
The Cat cafes are such peaceful calm places, apart form when the cats play with each other and run around :’) i can imagine going here after a stressful day at work to calm yourself or even just to chill with friends.
I miss Seoul so much, it feels so long ago but i’ve only been back 10 days?! WTF. England just doesn’t come close. I would like to explore the rest of South East Asia though before deciding where to live over there but right now Seoul tops all other places i’ve been. 
After ordering an unhealthy amount of Shin Ramyun noodles to my university house, i eagerly await their delivery as i try and cling to that small part of Korean life. Attempting to do dissertation and solo performance work is very hard when you have the internet >____< !