Rolling in the Deep

Monochromatic Cape Cardigan

So i’ve not been managing my finances well recently which left me distraught last week when i saw the best vintage cape in the world and i didn’t have enough money to buy it, i now doodle the cape all the time and i even dreamed about it the other night, i think there’s something wrong with me. Anyway! I do already have a cape-type cardigan which settles my cape fetish for the time being, it’s great because it’s so light i can wear it with anything, i’ve recently been wearing it over my AA hoodie for the colder trips to town and university. The actual construction of the piece is fascinating, the draped effect at the back leads people to think it has a hood, it would have been good with a hood i think but i like it just the way it is. It has two short sleeves so it can either be practical or you can choose to just throw it over yourself. There is a single button at the front to bring it together if it’s windy or it gets irritating. The pattern hurts my eyes and the eyes of others, but i like it and that’s all that matters really, it does make me feel like a wizard which is an added bonus. Oh and it also goes well with my a-mazing white boots which i shall post about soon.