Right Through Me

Studded Collar – DIY

Old Polo Shirt

Gold Conical Studs

Cut out the collar of the shirt

Push the studs into the material and secure them by pushing the legs down

Position the studs in any position you like

I’ve chosen to just do the front, mainly because I ran out of studs!


I’ve had an obsession with collars recently, being Christmas time i’ve been spending my money on other people so to calm myself Imade my own special collar. This DIY is so easy and it looks great, anyone can do it all you need is some studs of any kind really, anything you want and an old shirt or polo shirt, that shirt is the only item of clothing found at the bottom of my wardrobe with a collar! You may like to use a real shirt collar, it will look a lot better! For some reason though I like this collars flexibility, it’s quite comfortable. So go and grab an old shirt and poke things through it, stick stuff on it or just wear it plain! Let me know if you make one, it would be cool to see what other people do with their collars!