Reds True Barbecue – The Donut Burger

A few weeks ago I’d seen a ‘Donut Burger’ on Instagram somewhere and was mesmerised. I like food, a lot, especially sweet and savoury together It’s like a match made in heaven. Skip forward to last week and my friend Olivia sends me a link to a restaurant in Manchester that does their own donut burger – Reds True Barbecue. Although the pictures I’d seen online were clearly some Krispy Kreme glazed donuts slashed in half, Reds was offering a donut either side of the burger and a whole lot more. I’m working up north for a couple of months so yesterday I dragged my friend Phil into town with me to hunt down this dish.

The restaurant itself used to be a church or a chapel of sorts and the toilets were confession booths which I found very amusing. Every table is kitted out with 5 sauces (Kansas city BBQ was the best) and the menu has a giant offering and there’s so much I wanted to try but the donut burger is what I came for. It’s described as Two house-made 100% steak burgers flame grilled over hickory (what even is hickory), melted double cheese, smoked peppered bacon, dirty sauce and deep fried crispy onions, all between two sweet glazed donuts. Served with hush puppies and skin-on fries. Except I got sweet potato fries. 

The fries were perfect, the hush puppies (spicy sweetcorn and jalapeno fritters) weren’t really necessary  but were a welcome break from the meat sweats of the colossal tower of calories that was the donut burger. The burger itself was so interesting, definitely messy to eat and I had it all over my face by the end (they provide a wet wipe so it’s all good.) The most interesting part was the dirty sauce, I’m still not sure exactly what it is, something to do with garlic aioli? But damn it was good.

The two steak burgers were juicy and at first I thought the glazed donuts would weigh me down and make me feel full after a few bites but they were so light it just all complimented each other perfectly. The bacon for me got in the way a bit but the crispy onions were just right.

Now I’m not trying to be some food critic or pretend that I know what’s good or bad, because I myself am quite a fussy eater but what I want to do is share my dining experiences. I like food, I guess you like food too right? So I hope you enjoy my food posts as much as I enjoyed eating them.

Also let me know If you’ve been here already/ If you go to Reds True Barbecue or want to go because I’ll probably go with you. 

Thanks to Reds True Barbecue for having me. Check them out here.
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