Rather Die Young

Versace Logo Top – Courtesy of Oh Hell

Aztec print Harem pants – Virginblak

Creeper Boots – Ebay

Check out my Versace Logo print top from Oh Hell ! I got it as a thank you for modelling for them, and i don’t want to take it off, EVER! They do some amazing t-shirts and jackets if you’re ever in Manchester you should check them out also see their page on facebook here. I’ll post pictures from the shoot later in the week!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, Hi to all my new followers! Mine was so busy i still feel tired from it now! I was so excited to back to university last week but i’ve realised that im going to miss so many people from Manchester so it’s kind of bumming me out abit. ;( I’m quite busy the next few days aswell and all i want to do is curl up in bed and watch anime. What do you do when you’re feeling abit sad?

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