Le New Big Tee – American Apparel
Skinny Biker Jeans – New Look
Creeper Ankle Boots – Ebay
Knuckle Ring – Vivienne Westwood
Leather Satchel & Foxtail – Ebay

Second day at University, starting my first module today! I forgot to take pictures of my outfit last night but i basically wore this! The weather down in the south of England has taken a turn for the worst, from blue skies to what now seems like a monsoon. It’s made me realise that i have nothing to wear that can protect me from the rain, it’s now my mission to find a good parka/rain coat with a hood that doesn’t make me look like i’m going camping. I’m thinking a giant oversized black thing which is really light but we’ll see….

I dislike it when i imagine clothes i want in my head because nothing is ever good enough and nothing ticks all the boxes do you know what i mean? aha

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