Photography – Tom Buck (Website/Instagram)

Oversized Sweater – H&M

Denim – Represent Clothing*

Pirate Black 350 Boosts – Yeezy x Adidas

Happy New Year everyone! What a fantastic year 2015 was but I’m so so ready for 2016 – as I’ve been saying on Instagram I’ve been working on something special and it’s not ready just yet but will be very soon… so until then here is my last look from 2015. Ultimate comfort/streetwear with my oversized H&M sweater, represent denims and Pirate Black Yeezys. I tried so hard to get the Oxford Tan colourway but it is so so difficult! I was online for 2 hours, refreshing, clicking, waiting etc but alas I did not manage to cop any. bah! I’m happy with my pirate blacks though and will be wearing them a lot in 2016.

I feel like i’ve been waiting for so long, If you didn’t know I quit my job at the end of 2015 to pursue blogging full time. Whilst I was working at Net-A-Porter I was waiting to finish, when I finished I came up north for Christmas/New Years to have a break, I’m heading back to London tomorrow and it’s like I’m itching to go. I can’t stop thinking about everything I want to do, everything I need to do and I everything that I can do!

Thanks for sticking around on my journey and as always if you have any questions/suggestions just get in contact with me. Hope you’re having a great 2016 so far!

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