Had such a nice week off with my boyfriend, it’s so nice to not have to wake up early for anything in the morning. Yesterday we took a trip into London to visit the Tate Modern for the Yayoi Kusama exhibition. I’ve never been to the Tate before but it was really interesting, although some of the pieces of art are ridiculous, pretty sure I saw a plain notepad and pen as a piece of art. There was also a mirror hung among many paintings which baffled me. It was days like yesterday where i wish i had a camera though. :*(

We found the most amazing asian market with ACTUAL PURIKURA MACHINES! The prints are the most amazing things ever, it’s hard to tell from the scan (apart from the fact that my .gif quality isn’t so great) but some of the colours/backgrounds are sparkly/glittery. ^_^ .It was amazing. Then we treated ourselves to a meal at Yo!Sushi where i got so full i could hardly walk. Followed by a sleepy train ride home. ^_^ I’ll be back to blogging regularly tomorrow, got some saved outfit posts to show you guys! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!