Parka – Fabrixquare /4 Card Tee – KTZ/Spray on Skinny Jeans – Topman / Tier 0 Nike Air Max – Net a Porter

I took this outfit shot on the way to Greenwich near where I live, It’s called the Greenwich tunnel and it’s scary/cold/damp but awesome at the same time? When I moved here I didn’t even realise but G-Dragon filmed his MV for Crooked down this tunnel, I was walking down it one day and it finally clicked and I was like noooo waaaayyyyyyyy, totally fangirling about this dumbass tunnel haha. Also this Parka is like a duvet and the warmest/comfiest coat ever and I think I’m going to wear it every winter? It’s like the perfect Parka.

I’m in a bit less of a grump since last time I blogged thanks to seeing lots of my friends and keeping busy ^__^ ! I feel like a big change is coming but I just have to keep on going and working on my projects and be patient, It seems like you can be struggling for years in London until one day, you’re finally not.

I think Trust your struggle is the right phrase to use here.

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PS. Thank you for all your comments/support that came to me from my last post, It really means a lot when you guys reach out to talk to me, I respect what you have to say and want to respond! So don’t be shy ^____^