Dodo’s Jeremy Scott x Adidas Panda Trainers

Randa (after she changed!)

Cat Tee – Katie Eary
Denim Shorts – Levis
White Studded Dr.Martens – DIY
I took a short trip up to London for a few days to attend London Fashion Week, i have so many images and so many blog posts on the way, i’ve narrowed it down to about 100 U_U and obviously don’t want to post them all at once, plus i want to make some into GIFS! ive only made details into GIFs in this post as i have so much editing to do, i’m making alot of work for myself haha.
The stories of LFW will come with each post! I managed to get a Bloggers pass for the exhibition ^_^
I met so many amazing people and learnt alot, i also got to see all my friends and my boyfriend, such a good trip! I miss London alot ;( 
OH and to all my South Korean readers… me and my friend Joanne are going to Seoul in December!
Hope everyones alright, i update my instagram and twitter regularly so follow me! @Gallucks