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  • #WIWTW

  • #WIWTW

  • My Summer Trends 2018

    My Summer Trends 2018
  • Influencer? …… Who said that?

    Influencer? …… Who said that?

Shop My Wardrobe

Triangle (inverted cross) Glass Locket – $35 – shopwithasianstereotypes A blog i love to follow is China Le, posting the latest dark side of fashion…

Satan, housed within this man.

This is an old picture of me and my friend Paige, I stumbled across it just before. I went to London with drama yesterday, going…

Time is passing.

The day before i was 18 i decided to post a look on lookbook of what i wore that day, the Denim Biker jacket is…

And he never spoke again.

So I’m starting again, i’ve been so lazy with this blog! But now i feel i’m ready to commit! haha I used to do long…

Freaking Friday (Not exactly)

My lack of blogging has been for good reasons! haha I’ve been so weighed down with college work, audition preparation, actual work, seeing friends and…

Freaking Friday

This week has been so Hectic, i’ve come across so many interesting things, loads of fantastic music and the most jaw dropping runways i’ve seen…

D-I-Y Day

▲ I Ordered this pack of studs off ebay a few weeks ago and today they were just staring at me! So I decided to…