Images by Tom Buck (Instagram/Website)
GRASP boots – Dr.Martens*
These were taken by my good friend Tom who’s an awesome photographer and I’m lucky enough to work with him everyday!! I wonder if he thinks the same thing though haha!! anyway I’m wearing my striped ASOS sweater which I think is complimented by the GRASP boots really well. Stripe on Stripe on Stripe. I feel so skinny recently when I wear these spray on jeans and a longline shirt, mainly because It hides my thighs haha. Also borrowing Toms backpack that he got from Zara – It’s so nice and I really want one too – It was only £50 I think!? what a bargain!
I’m currently uploading a new YouTube Haul video but the internet here my boyfriends house seems to be really slow, the upload has already failed twice!! Maybe this is a sign?! aha anyway you can subscribe here to catch it when it drops. 
Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!
See you soon 🙂