Fred Ball Boots – 1-900* (website/solestruck)
Okay it was SO WINDY when we took these pictures (thank you Olivia for taking these! ^.^)
1-900 is my new favourite brand. Their shoes are amazing, the quality is amazing – it’s just all AMAZING! These are the Fred Ball boots and I wore them to work yesterday – the amount of people that told me they love these boots – even in the club last night the guy who worked in the bathroom was like ‘I need them shoes’. That’s probably because they’re the nicest boots ever!?!? I can’t stop looking at them haha. They even have a furry soft lining inside on the sole which makes them super comfy too. If you follow me on Instagram (@Gallucks) you’ll have seen another pair from 1-900 which are the Caller creepers. These are also the nicest shoes ever and make me want to cry every time I look at them. Same furry lining too. Anyway they’re quite tricky to get a hold of right now but 1-900 have confirmed that their own web store will be up in the next couple of weeks! I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂 for now you can grab some of their styles from Solestruck here
I styled the boots with black skinny jeans, a longline black shirt and my Overcoat. A few silver rings too. I wanted to keep everything else minimal because the boots are such a statement piece. I hate it when there’s too much going on – so all black it is. 
What do you think of the boots? Any questions just let me know 🙂 I’m always happy to talk to anyone and want to help where I can! 
See you guys soon! 🙂