Oversized Shearling

Photography by Ali Gordan

Oversized Shearling JacketRiver Island* (click here)

(alternative jacket)

CK Logo Sweater – Calvin Klein* Topman or Selfridges (click here)

Ripped Knee Skinny JeansASOS* (click here)

Chelsea Boots – Common Projects (click here)

Oversized Shearling – the best kind of Shearling. Inspired by Acne and Burberry oversized shearling jackets I decided to get this River Island jacket in an XXL size to re-create this oversized luxury feel to shearling jackets. The River Island jacket is actually on sale right now for around £40 which makes it even more of a bargain.

I do feel very warm and cosy in this jacket, mainly because it’s humongous and to the extreme of oversize, I’m not saying that you should too invest in a ridiculously big jacket. I think I’m just showing the extreme as to what you can achieve by going out of your size comfort zone. Even if you just slightly size up maybe 1 size you can give a slight nod to the oversize style.

I like mixing it up and putting high street with more premium pieces and here I decided to keep it minimal (as always) by pairing the oversized shearling with my Calvin Klein Logo sweater – which they’re now selling at Topman (here) in various colours which is pretty cool. My ripped skinny jeans and my common projects chelsea boots. I feel like all the greys, black and cream blend really well together.

I want to thank Ali for taking these pictures and if you get a chance you should get out his blog here.

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