Leather Cap – ASOS/Extra Long College Coat – Blackblessed/Silver Spine Necklace – OS Accessories /Oversized T Shirt – eBay/Coated Jeans – Topman/White Platform Sole Brogues – eBay

(Apologies for my moody face, as always) I really want to talk about two brands that I’m really passionate about, Blackblessed and OS Accessories. You might have seen them before on my blog, they’re two brands that I feel really strongly about and very proud to wear. Blackblessed is an Italian brand and is run by my friend Floriana, sleek and modern with strong gothic vibes and now with a menswear collection too, it is just perfect. They have an awesome blog which is full of fashion/lifestyle posts you can find it here. I’d seen the womenswear whilst browsing online before but what really brought the brand to my attention was the collaboration between Blackblessed and one of my favourite bloggers Ivania Carpio. Together they produced a capsule collection of 4 pieces you can see them here. I love it when small brands collaborate with the right bloggers because it’s an organic growth for the brand and for the blogger plus Ivania/Blackblessed styles worked perfectly together. 

In the summer last year I managed to meet up with Floriana at her pop up concession in the Oxford Circus Topshop (you can see the post I did here). It’s now a full time concession and I’m really happy to see Blackblessed for sale in central London. Late last year they launched their first menswear collection, it’s dark, textured and certainly keeps the gothic vibe from the womenswear. I’m a big fan of varsity jackets (who isn’t) and this hybrid coat come varsity jacket hits the nail on the head in terms of outerwear. It has faux leather sleeves and silver buttons that run all the way down, It’s basically floor length making me feel like I should be in the matrix or something. Catching the tube has never felt so epic. So there’s a bit about Blackblessed, check out their instagram here.

OS Accessories is based in the Philippines and run by my friend Paul, I was a fan of his blog Paul Highness (I would link it but I think its gone :'( ! but fear not , his instagram is here) he posted amazing outfit shots whilst wearing his awesome bone accessories. OS accessories creates pieces based on the human skeleton, from vertebrae to knuckles you name it. Their next collections evolved and took on different vibes but still in keeping with the bone aesthetic, from taking sea creatures like lobsters and crabs and indulging on oil and iridescent tones to their most recent Vol. 4. Which has taken a more gothic/wicca route and includes pieces like the  devil monkey and majick owl necklaces.

OS has been featured in a ton of publications , worked with loads of brands including Solestruck, is stocked worldwide from NY to Tokyo and been worn by G-Dragon in his music video for Michigo. *fap fap fap* All in all an amazing brand that you should definitely keep an eye on. Follow their instagram here

Thanks for taking time to check this out and hope that you like these brands as much as I do. 
What’re your favourite brands?

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