On My Way

Me and Emma
Today we visited the Sunday up-market at Brick Lane. There are so many amazing shops/stalls in and around Brick Lane etc. The BEST shop called Lik+Neon had a bright orange exterior and they had 2 cats inside just lounging around =^.^= ! After awhile though every single vintage/secondhand shop one seems to look the same. It’s all Denim/leather jackets/Plaid shirts/Denim shorts blah blah blah. There are some really special shops stocking interesting emerging designers but they’re only small. I can’t help think that London really doesn’t support emerging young designers very well. Not in comparison to places like Los Angeles and Tokyo. But i guess it’s only a niche audience that wish to purchase these items and they want to keep it that way? 
I’m having the best time staying with my friend Emma, she has such a fun life in London. There is always something to do/people to hang out with. People think it’s a hectic life living in London but it doesn’t all have to be so full on, yeah the city is always busy and somethings happening all the time but you can use it to your advantage. I hate rushing to do anything, take each day as it comes. 
Week 2 of internship? Bring it on.