On The Bab – Shoreditch


If you like Korean food, If you don’t like Korean food or if you’ve never tried Korean food then On the Bab is for you. Literally the BEST Korean food I’ve had and I’ve been to Korea. Okay wait Korean Hot pot and Barbecue is amazing but it’s completely different. This is Bi Bim Bap at its best with all the other options you could possibly ask for. Fried chicken? Check. Kimchi pancake? Check. SOJU?!? Check.

Okay the Soju might be ALOT cheaper in Korea and with no hangover cure readily available it might hurt your head in the morning but what the hell.

The menu is short but perfect. The price is average for Korean restaurants in London (Seoul Bakery being the cheapest and now demoted to second best because of otb lol). I’ve been a few times as you can see and try to take anyone/everyone I can. I actually discovered it from my friend Van Anhs’ blog Chopstick Panorama you can see the original post here. I’ve tried a few Korean restaurants in London but they’ve never really impressed me and seem overpriced for what they are.

What excites me most is the hybrid of chinese pillow-like steamed buns and korean meat. On the bun.
That’s what it’s called and it’s awesome. Try the spicy chicken buns to compliment your Bulgogi beef bi bim bap. They’re like Char Siu Baus from Dim Sum but spicier and just as tasty. The fried chicken is also perfect, available in soy garlic or sweet and spicy glaze. I feel like I could talk forever about food so I think I need to stop haha.

As soon as I saw Van Anhs blog post I went that evening, so if you live in/near London and you haven’t tried it yet. You might want to now and probably should.

Check out On The Bab here