Omen #KTZ #Kenzo

Faux Leather Cap (ASOS), Zip up Sweatshirt (Kenzo), Longsleeve Studded top (Yesstyle),
Leather Shorts (Ebay), Church Print Leggings (KTZ), Air Force One (Nike), Horn Earring (Givenchy)
Again the leather cap reappears, i really do need to call up about that haircut aha, I love my Kenzo zip up so much i could shed a tear, also these KTZ babies have been knocking around my wardrobe for about 6 months now and i dont wear them nearly as much as i should. Now ofcourse i’m lusting after KTZ’s new Poet print collection U_U’.The Givenchy magnet horn earring is my favourite piece of jewellery but after wearing it for awhile it kind of hurts abit since the magnet is so strong, i usually just switch ears. Also everyone but me seems to hate my leather shorts? Ohwell! At least it’s me wearing them and not them.  ^.^
Okay so it turns out i can try and relax but i really just can’t, my brain is always on thinking and thinking with things that i want to do, so i’ve given it all a kick start and in talking to all my friends have got things underway, one small step at a time. 
I’m heading to London on tuesday to help out with the Katie Eary SS14 show, i can’t wait, i’ve missed London so much and i cannot wait to live there.