Padded Shoulder Blazer – Mans Nonno, Big Pocket Tee – American Apparel,
Graphic Shorts – Virginblak, Leggings -H&M

Brooch – Virginblak
So i took the hideous pictures and made them all black and white, shorts and leggings are such a good combination for men to wear when it’s hot enough to wear shorts but when you still feel abit cold, plus i love how it looks haha. Men wearing leggings is certainly something people are going to have to get used to in society as the skinny jean has become increasingly skinnier over time, it was just a matter of time before mens leggings were introduced. I think it takes alot of courage for men to dress asynchronously, i get funny looks alot but i don’t really care as i like how i dress and that’s all that matters. I know i lack shoes in this piece but i was at home and couldn’t be bothered wearing any! I would have worn my Gladiator sandals with this outfit though. Oh and my favourite blazer ever! I hunted down this padded shoulder blazer and had to get it shipped from japan! I just wanted a nice classic cut high shouldered blazer, was that too much to ask of you england? yes, yes it was.