As far as directional outerwear goes the Poncho is one of the most experimental at the moment in menswear. I’m quite a fan of the poncho/cape aesthetic so it’s no surprise that this collaboration between Matches Fashion and Y3 caught my eye. The design on the back is a self portrait of Yohji Yamamoto especially created for the collaboration, I love the way the poncho flows in the wind and the ghostly design gives the whole piece an eerie disposition. Styled with my black represent denim and the futuristic NOX sneakers from underground I feel like I could be placed right into the hunger games- maybe the Poncho will come in handy when it rains in the arena? (haha)
Anyway I hope you’ve had a great week, I’ll be building my new ikea bed tonight and finally trying to set up my new room properly. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and add me on snapchat (gallucks) !
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