Hey guys! How’s it going? Okay I might look a bit like the Michelin Man right now but this Alexander Wang x H&M Jacket is one of the most awesome jackets and it’s filled with surprises. It has zips under the arms to reveal ventilation panels, the whole jacket is made from some crazy reflective material that makes it shine silver, it’s padded to the maximum and has a detachable hood. I’m selling it on my Depop if you’re interested (My username is Gallucks).
I styled it with skinny jeans and Dr.Martens which I feel has gone against the whole sportswear nature of the whole collection but I prefer it mixing things up a bit. 
It was a pretty action packed weekend for me then catapulted myself back into work. I’m quite chuffed right now because some of my Social Media work for Net a Porter has just been published on their Instagram (you can see it here.
Keep your eyes peeled for my next post which will be my collab with James from ASOS! 🙂 
Hope you’re having a good week, add me on Snapchat (Gallucks) and let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below! 🙂 
See you next time!