Not In Love

Tie Dye Hair

Foxtail (Rodger) – Ebay

Here’s abit of a round-up post! My hair has now sadly faded to a mess of pale green but i thought i’d post a picture of my skilled dye-ing! I think a haircut and another bleaching session is due soon! I’ve been sorting through alot of emails this week, some exciting things coming up in the areas of music and a certain clothing company! All will be revealed soon!
I figured out how to make my own .gifs today, i hope you appreciate my foxtail rodger moving swiftly along….
I’ll have some outfit posts on the way soon, in the meantime check out my post about the new and exciting bloggers wardrobe. (Hopefully something i can become a part of!) And my Ring Giveaway finishes TOMORROW! so get commenting, sharing my page and liking my facebook page.
PS. If you read my blog then you obviously know about my beautiful friend Tessa, she’s done a serious update on her blog – Check it out!
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