Nobodys Business

Chicago Bulls Snapback – Ebay
Shark Tee – Givenchy
Burberry Shirt- Ebay
Biker Jeans – Virginblak
Spiked Loafers – Ebay
Garuda Blake Backpack – LostMannequin
Production module & essay, DONE. One of the biggest part of my degree is finally over, now i have a solo and directing module/Dissertation then i’m DONE. Getting things done feels so good. I cannot wait to get into the big bad world and get stuff DONE.
A recent obsession with Die Antwoord has lead me into researching Zef culture, so interested right now. Anyone got any opinions/info for me?! Currently saving for my trip to Seoul in 4 weeks time! This year has gone so quickly, what’s everyone been up to? Because my University course is going H.A.M right now i feel so disconnected from my blog, this must change.
I have a very exciting post coming involving fresh new KDMM.