New Ultra Group

Faux Leather Cap – ASOS / Longline Duster Blazer – ASOS/ Longline Shirt – ASOS 
Essential Sweater – ADYN/ Spray on Skinny Jeans – Topman/ Platform Brogues – eBay
If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me post my new Heat Reactive clutch, the material turns bronze to green to blue depending on how warms your hands are. I got on the tube with it last week and it was blue the entire time!
I spotted New Ultra Group whilst browsing one of my favourite London boutiques Primitive. New Ultra Group are not only a luxury bag making company but also a multitude of collaborative projects. Designers Sarah and Rike are fully active online and have created an immersive cyber-world of videos, interactive websites and blogs/vlogs for you to lose yourself in. I was able to meet up with Sarah and Rike last week and get a better understanding of the brand.
Their main site Newultra.net features an interactive homepage linking to their events, shop and videos. Their main shop is here. Their signature clutch features a bracelet so you can wear your clutch like a piece of armour/accessory. I’m really interested in the way they experiment with fabrics and their alternative approach to marketing and establishing their brand. They also have a sale website that is made to look like a replica designer website where all but newultragroup is sold out,  which you can see here.

                                New Ultra Website Intro from SarahHartnett on Vimeo.

I got this Longline duster blazer from ASOS last week, it’s crepe and flows in the wind, pretty much making me feel like a wizard.  It goes with everything though and is perfect for the still warm and clammy London.

What do you guys think of the Heat Reactive clutch? and NewUltraGroup?

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