New In

Hey! I’ve been such a busy cat recently i’ve not been able to blog and it’s been killing me! I’ve been trying to make up for it via instagram (here) but it’s just not the same! I’m still in the midst of writing my dissertation, i only have a few weeks left before it’s due so i have to really concentrate on it!

I wanted to show you guys my most recent purchases/gifts. I’ve reworked some of my instagram outfit posts and images of the items above.

The first is the Christopher Kane aqua clutch, i’ve been lusting over this for so long. I’m a big fan of Christopher Kane, especially AW11, the gel/jelly pieces are awesome and really eye catching. My first chance to get one was last summer at the Christopher Kane Sample sale, i resisted as my friend told me i could get it cheaper so i held back. I WISH I HADN’T! As i could never manage to find a cheaper one, however with perseverance and constant online scanning for a good year or so landed me this wonderful Green/Blue Aqua Clutch. Happy indeed ^.^ ! I just sit and play with it, so squishy! aha 
The second is the White Embroidery Cut Out sweater from Zara, i’d seen this on so many people and in so many places and thought that it was sold out everywhere, but i got an email from Zara saying it was back in stock online so i just sort of spasmed and bought it there and then? I think i have a problem… I also found another beautiful sweater from Zara but i’ll post that soon! 
And Finally my SS13 Katie Eary Tee!! The most luxurious printed tee ever, it’s beautiful and so comfy, perfect for the summer, if England decides to sort itself out weather-wise…. Massive Thank you Katie for the Tee ^.^!
You can get all of the SS13 Tees online now at www.katieeary.co.uk
I cannot wait to finish University and move to London! 
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