15 Lamb Street, 
E1 6EA)

Hey Everyone! Merry Christmas (eve) Hope you’re all having a lovely evening/morning depending on where you are in the world! I’m typing this sat by the fire at my home-home in Manchester. I’m so excited for tomorrow just so I can have a lie in. I’ve been getting up so early for the past few weeks it’s going to be good to just chill for a couple of days 🙂 ! 

I copped this Coat the other week and it’s like a big dressing gown aha, but I love it so much. The hood is perfect, big and cosy. The River Island jumper is ribbed and has a really nice texture, also has zips on the side too to regulate fit aha 

I also swapped out the white laces for the black ones on the GRASP boots and I just love how the main focus point is now the steel toe-cap. 

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and I’ll see you soon! 🙂