Naughty or Nice? 5 Tips on Gift Giving

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Ho ho ho! I really can’t believe that it’s almost the end of 2019, this year has been absolutely wild but I’m so ready for 2020. Today I want to talk to you about gift giving – I’m so thrilled to be working with Selfridges for this blog post. Me and Tom got to head into the London store before they opened to shoot in the Daniel Arsham pop ‘The House’ (in Selfridges until 5th January 2020) along with a beautiful selection of luxurious Selfridges gifts. Now i don’t know about you but for me, one of the best things about the holiday season is giving gifts. It’s a chance to put a smile on everyones face that has helped you through the year. I just love to see the look on my friends/loved ones faces when they unwrap their gift from me or read what i wrote in their card – I feel like you can tell a lot about someone in the way that they react to receiving a gift.  Since I was little I’ve always been taught that if you receive a card and a gift, always open the card first – I feel like the card is a really personal gesture and even if it’s just to wish you a happy holiday they’ve still gone to all the effort of hand writing out a card just for you, so I always appreciate that and take the time to read that first.

Some people go straight in for the present which of course is fine but you just make a mental note like oh they’re THAT kind of person hey? Either way you look on with wonder as to whether they’ll like what you got for them or whether they’re lying through their teeth ‘oh thanks Joel I absolutely love this candlestick holder’. It’s actually really difficult to shop for people sometimes, I’m always stuck in the predicament of whether I should get the person something extremely useful or all out ridiculous. It can really go either way. I could sit here and reel off a list of products that I think you should but I wanted to get to the heart of gift giving and so i’ve prepared a few pointers on steps to take before taking the plunge……

Acne Studios Coat via Selfridges (here)

1. Make a List.

Yes I know it sounds like we’re being Santa Claus, naughty or nice? which will it be? But no I mean make a list of everything that one person likes! Interests, hobbies whether it’s big or small just get it all down onto paper or onto your notes app and really think hard about what that person likes, honestly you’ll thank me for this later.

2. Ask yourself what that person needs. 

I feel like ‘useful’ things are sometimes less exciting but the value that person will get from something is far greater than a novelty gift that they wont get any use of at all. For example for a secret santa i did with my friends recently I had my friend who is interested in illustration and I know that she needed a new pencil case, so i got her what she needed and although it’s not super exciting I know she’ll appreciate it and use it for years to come.

Acne Studios Coat via Selfridges (here)

3. Be a Stalker

Online wish-lists, check what instagram pages they follow, ask their loved ones/close friends, try and sniff out any clues they may have left behind to figure out what brands they like or what they’re interested in. I know in the run up to one of my friends birthdays we were stood in Selfridges a couple of months ago and she was literally holding a lipstick next to me like ‘ HMM I’LL WAIT UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY HOPEFULLY SOMEONE WILL GET IT FOR ME?!’ I was like eeeesh ok I can take a hint! Some people will literally spell it out for you what they want which is great but most of the time I’m always the one to go for something really out there that they weren’t expecting.

Acne Studios Coat via Selfridges (here)

4. This time It’s Personal

Include a bit of yourself in the gift. I feel like gifts become a lot more sentimental especially when you’ve put your own spin on the it, whether you’ve put a small note or signed and dated it – something big or small it doesn’t really matter as long as you let them know that you care.

5. It doesn’t have to cost the earth.

You’re able to give someone an incredible gift without spending any money at all, time is honestly the most precious thing that we all have and giving someone your undivided attention, setting an evening to reconnect with friends and family is a gift within itself. I know as I’ve gotten older I don’t actually want physical gifts from people I’m much happier spending quality time with my family and friends because they’re the moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Valentino Coat via Selfridges (here) , Sorayama Skateboard via Selfridges (here)

In Conclusion…

Now I know the Holidays are fast approaching but there’s still plenty of time to get your loved ones what they deserve, Selfridges has a huge selection of gifts for everyone and you can find them all here. I urge you to go and check out the Daniel Arsham pop up too if you’re in central London before 5th January. Selfridges is honestly my favourite department store I’ve been shopping there since I was little back in my hometown of Manchester and I’m thrilled to have been able to work with them so much this year. So I thank you all for your continued support and making my dreams come true, now with that soppy heart to heart I’m off to wrap more presents and wish you all a happy holiday and here’s to an amazing 2020! ✨

Valentino Coat via Selfridges (here) , Sorayama Skateboard via Selfridges (here)