Murder To Exellence

Vogue – September 2011

Givenchy – Celine – Alexander McQueen

Givenchy – Topshop – Mulberry

My Mum surprised me by getting me the September Issue of Vogue, i used to get Vogue every month whilst at College as it was the only fashion magazine i could get ahold of, i moved onto Dazed and Confused and then to I-D, Vogue Hommes Japan and POP though recently i’ve not been reading a lot of magazines. Anyway i took pictures of my favourite pages of this months Vogue and made them into a Collage. Almost everything i post comes from my camera and i’d like to keep it that way.

Also a note that if Topshop start selling the Foxtails featured in their adverts that will hopefully stop people staring at Rodger strangely or asking if i have a dead animal in my bag/ have i killed an animal? Got another outfit post on the way for this weekend!

I gave my Tumblr a new layout with endless scrolling as it’s the best form of scrolling plus it’s much more minimal, just how i like things. Check it out here.

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