Moving To LA

Balenciaga Sinners T shirt, Mennace shirt , Rigato Eyewear , Weekday Trousers , Vans

340,000 feet in the air

563 mph

Time to Los Angeles 6.42hr

What’s going through my mind

I need to write a blog post(s)

How much will 1 month in LA Cost me?

Have I made the right decision to go away for so long?

Will I miss out on a lot in the UK ?

When will this turbulence end?

More importantly, when is my next meal?

As we fly through the air en route to Los Angeles so many things are going through my head. When I booked these flights last November it didn’t really hit me that I’d booked to go away for a whole month. I’m 25 and the longest I’ve ever been away from the UK is 3 weeks max. So this is a big deal for me, right?

I wasn’t one of those teens that went travelling before or even after Uni, I simply didn’t have the money, I mean i worked at a bar but finished uni with no savings, no inheritance, not even enough to pay my rent at times, let alone buy a plane ticket anywhere. I sure would have liked to go somewhere for 6-8 months like my friends, explore south east Asia or south America. Really ‘get to know myself’ yknow?

However I don’t feel like I’ve lost out, I jumped straight into London with a burning desire to work in the fashion industry and my career sort of happened slowly over time and I’m now in a very fortunate position that I can take myself away for a month and it not affect my work.

I used to talk about this a lot on my blog and I will touch on it more soon but working for yourself is literally the best thing that you can do if you want to make serious money and be in control of your own time. Working for big corporate companies in the creative industry does not usually pay well (especially in London). If you have a talent or a dream, take the risk whilst you’re young and just go for it.

I’ve been to LA 3 times before and loved it every time, the last trip was so good that It left me with feelings of wanting to move there. It’s quite difficult for UK residents to go live and work in the USA, unless you marry an American or get sponsored by your company. (I am my own company so not really sure how that would work haha). But either way I thought, before I go down that road I should go there for a much longer time to see if I still like it and if living there is really a dream that I want to make come true.

Speaking of dreams LA is a bloggers dream, endless sunshine, aesthetic streets and a creative hub for all things media/fashion. I’ve met some incredible people out there in the past and I doubt this trip is going to be any different. I’ve got some of my best friends with me this time and I’m so excited for what this month is going to bring.

I’m going to be writing a lot more here on my blog because I miss it so much, it’s actually really therapeutic to write out all that you’re thinking and I’m so angry at myself for letting it slip this past year.

I’d love to hear if any of you guys have ever wanted to move countries before or maybe some of you have actually made the leap? Leave a comment below and lets talk about it.