You Should Move to LA

tee – Raf Simons (here)  / shorts – Daniel Patrick (here) / sneakers – Balencaiga (here) 

Photography – @ThisMintyMoment

Before I get into what’s on my mind – the images in this post are shot by the one and only @ThisMintyMoment a good friend of mine and one the most talented photographers I know. It was a pleasure to shoot with him out in LA again and hope you guys like them too.

I just got back from 2 weeks away in LA and I realised quite a few things whilst I was there.

1 – I haven’t posted on here in what feels like a very long time.

2 – I miss writing actual articles where I can speak my mind.

3 – YouTube dominates most of my time nowadays but I don’t mind that because I love making videos.

4 – 2 Weeks proved to be not enough time in LA and I feel like I need to go back for a few months at least.

5 – I got to meet up with some amazing people some for the first time and some who are already my good friends.

6 – People keep telling me I should move there and that’s definitely something I’m going to think about.

7 – It just felt like second nature to me and I’ve never been anywhere else in the world that felt like that.

I think I’d have to go back for a longer period of time before I could make a decision to move to a different country, having said that though the beauty of this job is that I can do it from anywhere in the world and I felt way more inspired in LA that I do normally here in London. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived here for 4 years or maybe it’s the Boujee LA lifestyle that I was living whilst I was out there. Me Sarah and Yanin had the time of our lives, driving around in our G Wagon, eating at all the best restaurants and shopping to our hearts content. The reality is though that if I lived there – that might not be my everyday life haha – or would it be?! Who knows.

Have you ever wanted to move to a different country? or have you already made the leap? Let me know in the comments below.