Slime Varsity Jacket – Katie Eary 
Powder Beam Sweatshirt – KDMM
Knuckle Ring – OS Accessories
Jeans – Topshop
Studded Boots – Ebay

Katie Eary Slime Varsity Jackets
Cassette Playa x Ken Tee
Powder Beam KDMM sweatshirt
OS Accessories Ring Package

Some awesome patches i picked up in Spain!
Okay so i thought i’d get an outfit picture and put on as many as my new items! I’ve had the ring/tee/jumper for months so they’re not really new but i hadn’t shown you guys yet so i thought i’d do one my massive post about them ^_^. Also the Katie Eary jackets arrived yesterday and motivated me to do this haha because it’s such an AWESOME JACKET!! afhfkjsdbgfdkgdr!!!!
Anyway yeah the Jacket is from Katies AW/11 Collection which can be found on the archive section here. Never in a million years did i think i’d one day be wearing one of the jackets from that collection! 
The amazing Powder beam sweatshirt is from KDMM, keep your eye on this store as i’ve been luck enough to see the previews of the next sweaters and they look insane! I now have both of their jumpers that they’ve released, this one however was a gift from my friend Joanne ^_^!
The Casette Playa x Ken Tee was nabbed on ebay for £12 months ago! My Cassette Playa collection is slowly building up… check out the site here.
and FINALLY the OS Accessories ring! I ordered this in their sale before i did my summer internship, so i didn’t see it for like 6 weeks..! But it’s beautifully crafted and came in the best packaging.
Definitely check out OS here.http://www.os-accessories.com/!

I realised i have TWO london posts left, one from my last day and a disposable camera to develop from the Katie Eary After party…!
Hope everyones okay! ^_^
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