Monochromatic for IAMWHOIAM with Antony Morato

Monochromatic for IAMWHOIAM in collaboration with Antony Morato

Photography by Tom Buck and Mikko Puttonen

Look 1

Bomber Jacket (here)

Shorts (here)

Look 2

Blazer (here)

Look 3

Bomber Jacket (here)

Zip Sweatshirt (here)

Biker Trousers (here)

I’m very excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on recently, I think this is the most looks I’ve ever put into one singular blog post?! I hope you like the outfits and images. Antony Morato approached me earlier in the year with the concept of their new collection #IAMWHOIAM and I loved the ideas that they had and was over the moon to be involved. I’ve given teasers over on my Instagram but I can finally show you the 3 outfits I styled for the #IAMWHOIAM campaign. Monochromatic consists of contemporary styling from the new Morato collection for spring/summer. Morato is a huge european brand, stocked in over 50 countries worldwide, although here in the UK I’ve only seen them stocked on ASOS – they’re a more premium high street brand offering fantastic streetwear, formalwear and accessories. (see me on the project site here!)

#IAMWHOIAM is all about showcasing your personal style and you know I love brutalist architecture, clean backgrounds and contemporary silhouettes. So I styled 3 outfits and took to the streets of London to capture my style for the project.

‘i am who i am” is the claim of the new advertising campaign of Antony Morato, actually social, straight and without danger of misunderstandings. a message focused on everyone, to spur its receivers to interpret one’s essence showing oneself through one’s own look, without fear nor excess’

I think my favourite piece has to be the bomber jacket, it’s lightweight with mesh panels making it perfect for summer. My favourite outfit has to be black and white shorts with the bomber jacket – casual minimalist style that doesn’t weigh you down. I’m so happy that it’s getting warmer here in London because you’ll be seeing a lot more shorts I promise – Even with my pale vampire legs! haha

Styling wise – a challenge for me was the suit blazer but as I always say, if you have one stand out piece then keep the rest of the outfit muted, no fuss. I styled it with a longline t shirt, ripped skinny jeans and platform sneakers. That way the key piece can speak up and the rest of your outfit can remain hassle-free.

I’d love to hear what you think of the outfits, images etc you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post – if you do have a minute don’t forget to check out the minisite (here) and you can see a bit more of my work if you click on my face! thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon.


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