Tee – Cassette Playa
Motocross trousers – Jeremy Scott xAdidas
Studded Boots – Dr.Martens

This is my outfit from the day of the show ^_^ gotta be one of my favourite outfits right now! I picked up the Cassette Playa tee from Primitive London afew weeks before its re-launch exhibition (post coming soon). I feel like a futuristic warrior/biker!? haha. Kanye West – Mercy opened the show and whenever i hear that high pitched ‘ well its a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth’ it just sends me back to that moment of nervousness and excitement. 
In other news Rihanna wore KATIE EARY! While performing at the Hackney weekend click here!
Which is incredible. Now all the Screaming Cheetah T-shirts i was selling for Katie, people keep messaging me like ‘omg r u still selling them?’ U_U’ 
I finished my internship and left London yesterday (ToT), made me very sad. I’m back in Chichester now as i have to move house to my new bigger and better bedroom ^_^ i have some paid work lined up for the next two weeks then back to Manchester and then Spain with my boyfriend.
This summer so far has been the best one of my life.