Likes Boys

Sorry i’ve been m.i.a for awhile! been relaxing and seeing friends! thought i’d do a little post about souvenirs and things i’ve acquired recently! I went down south with my friend Gracie last week to stay at her dads house just outside of London, we went to Henley Regatta one evening for drinks ( very expensive drinks i might add.) The next night we went to see Glee! Live, Gracie got us both a Foam Loser Finger and the cheerleader dancers were firing t-shirts out of cannons during their performance of ‘Born this way’. One of the male cheerleaders jumped down from the podium and threw a t-shirt at me! I unravelled it and it just happened to be the ‘Likes Boys’ T-shirt, typical. haha! Most of the cast can actually sing! i had such a good time hanging out with Gracie too.

The second picture is my towel i got in magaluf! It’s two cats on a moon in space haha, my friend Tessa bought the same one! I think its the best towel in the world. In the third picture is the box for my new Vans off my good friend Joanne, some popping candy, my car keys and my Asos Sunglasses that i’ve had for about a year?! I love my cat keyring, his name is Simon.
Got some good clothing posts lined up soon!

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