Like a Virgin

Studded Sleeveless Denim Shirt – DIY

Cross Ring – Ebay, Black Stone Ring – Asos, Skull Ring – H&M, Bear Ring – Gift,
Armour Ring – Ebay
I do maybe have abit of an obsession with rings…. I usually wear them all on one hand like a metallic claw! haha, people get creeped out but i dont care. My favourite is my (Faux) Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring, people always ask me if it’s from Lord of the Rings…. sigh. I’ve got afew more but theyre somewhere in my jewellery box and i cannot find them haha, they’ll turn up one day! The Cross ring i ordered off ebay is really hard to get off! Due to my oversized fingers haha, i put it on when i go out though. I’m seriously trying to revise for my A- Levels next week but there are so many distractions! Also is it weird that i’ll just sit an examine my rings for ages? I think they’re thing i own. When i leave the house without a ring on, a little piece of me dies inside.