Brian Lichtenberg Tank Top – Alex & Chloe

I got this tank about 2 years ago? and it’s probably the only real ‘Designer’ item i own, i never wear it because i don’t think it really suits me, i prefer to hide myself in oversized t-shirts and this is far too revealing! haha I got it shipped from America and it taught me a lesson – Don’t get things shipped from America. The custom charge was ridiculous and i don’t think it was worth it, nevertheless it’s a beautiful piece and I’m not sure whether to sell it or keep it as a piece of art! Help meee! haha

The ‘Indian Summer’ or Heatwave in the UK right now is killing me, i just keep throwing on my Acid wash denim shorts and a t shirt with my creepers as it’s too hot to wear anything else!
I want it to get colder so i can wear my favourite clothes :'(