LFW Street Style Day 4

Roisin Ferguson – The Fashion Mermaid

Jacket – KTZ
Tee – Katie Eary
Boots – Alexander Wang

Nathan and Nikita 

Tee & Shirt – Givenchy

Yusuke & Ryu

My final post from LFW, street styling is awesome! i managed to give out all of my business cards and had actually ran out by the last day… which reminds me i must order some more ^_^ 
I can’t wait to move to London after university! 
Overall those 5 days i was in London were amazing, i got to see loads of my friends and my boyfriend, i got to eat all my favourite foods including Dim Sum and Bi bim bap, which you can’t get where i go to Uni ;(. Also me and my friends all went for Karaoke in our own private booth which involved alot of K-pop :’) 
At the moment im just getting on with my University work and working hard at my part time job, this year all my hard work will pay off for when i finish Uni!
I’ve been working with afew amazingbrands recently, i’ll explain in my next few posts! ^_^ 
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What’s everyone else been up to?!