LFW Street Style Day 3

Nathan Moy (blog)

Ananya (blog)
Shirt – Batman x Lazy Oaf

Siqi (blog)
Scarf & Shoes – KTZ

Yusuke (blog)
Cap – Kenzo

Olivia (lookbook)

Ryu (blog)

Dodo (blog)
Badman Sweater – Jade Clark

Randa (blog)
Bomber Jacket – KTZ

Dress & Shoes – Vivienne Westwood

Me being derpy next to Nathan!  ^_^
Shirt – Givenchy

Tee – Mary Katrantzou

The Fashion Mermaid (facebook)

Gracie and Me

Third day of LFW! I was so excited to finally wear my new Givenchy Shirt! I met up with the Gangfam and my friend Gracie ^_^ also making friends with other bloggers such as The Provoker and The Fashioin Mermaid. I miss LFW! 
Third year of uni is so much work, i feel like i’m always busy these days. I treasure days/evenings where i have nothing to do.
I’ve got one more LFW blog post then its back to regular posting, abit back-logged because of Uni etc. but it’ll catch up soon ^___^! 
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