LFW Street Style Day 2

Necklace – Zara
This outfit was awesome and i’ll always remember it.
Badman Top – Jade clark
Platform Trainers – Buffalo




After day 1 of LFW i was quite impressed by everyones style and outfits but day 2 was like a whole new level, it’s like everyone had been abit safe on day 1, checking out everyone else, seeing what was going on but day 2….Oh and all my friends came too so it was even more awesome :’)!
I also used my bloggers pass to visit the exhibition, which in actual fact wasn’t that great. The best bits were a free personalised poster from Topshop, the Linda Farrow projects section and the MAWI stall (sakfb@*dkfbdjhf@bxhfbd!!!! SO GOOOOD, they didn’t allow pictures but i managed to sneak one :’) )
I’ve got a fair bit of uni work right now and i always feel busy but hopefully it will all pay off ^_^ 
And it’s my final year after which i’m moving to London. 
I have a ton of new clothes which i really wanna show you guysssss, after my next LFW post, i’ll get ON it.
Including a special promotion for you guys from Lost Mannequin! ^___^
Ps. comment with your favourite outfit from day 2!