Photography by Mikko Puttonen
 In Collaboration with Kutula 
 Sweatshirt – Kutula* 
Biker Jeans – Represent* 
Yeezy Boost 350 – Adidas 
Hey Everyone! How’s it going? a bit more of a casual ootd today with this sweatshirt from Kutula shot by my good friend Mikko. The whole idea of this outfit was urban comfort, the yeezy boost with the knitted upper, the soft represent
denim and the ever so comfortable Kutula sweatshirt. I keep carrying this sweater around with me in my bag for when it gets a just that little bit colder here in London. I think sweaters are my favourite thing to wear just because I feel nice and cosy when I’m in one.

Kutula itself is a unisex brand using a monochrome palette interlinking it’s whole collection using a camouflage design. I myself opted for the more minimal block coloured sweater. I’m really excited about Kutula as a brand if you want to check them out see their site here.

Have a great week guys! any questions just ask 🙂