Interview with ASOS James

Hey everyone, I thought I’d shake things up a bit
here on The Hallowed Ground – Since there’s so many readers now (thank you so much!)  I thought I’d
give you something to actually read! I know I ramble on about my life in my
outfit posts but I thought It would be cool to interview some of my
friends/colleagues and post it up on here. Let me know what you think In the comments below .So last weekend I met up with my
friend James from ASOS – You can find his Instagram here. I first met James
when I was an assistant Stylist, he worked at Topman in the personal shopping
department and I used to go and pull clothes for the X Factor / Union J with a
lot of help from James! He now works at ASOS as a Personal Stylist (one of the
coolest jobs ever…!) We also made a video for my YouTube channel which should be up at the weekend so make sure you subscribe here! 
I asked him if he’d like to meet for
Korean food (at my favourite restaurant in East London ‘On The Bab’) I’d
planned a few questions but also just let the conversation flow and after a lot
of Korean fried Chicken and Bi Bim Bap – this is how it went…
Hey James,Lets start with a little
Tell us a little bit
about yourself Who are you and what do you do?
I’m James, a Stylist
at ASOS – our job is to inspire our followers through our edits of the ASOS
website , how to put outfits together and we’re available throughout the day
for one on one chats.
Sounds awesome! How did you get to
where you are today? Did you study Fashion? 
I studied Editorial
and Advertising photography, I always preferred the production side of it,
whenever I’d assist or go on shoots, I was always way more interested with the
Stylist and try and get in there! I graduated from University and I just needed
to get up to London really, In Hampshire where I’m from there’s nothing
creative. It was all retail parks and airfields. So I moved up to London and
started working for Topman! They were opening their personal shopping suite, I
got hired as a kind of ‘receptionist’. 
The Stylists that we got in, I’d try and help them as much as possible
and I’d offer freelance styling where I could. The personal shoppers where I
worked trained me up and taught me everything that I needed to know. Then I
heard about the Job at ASOS – which was a brand that I already Loved. So
Obviously I had to give it a go and I got the Job! I’ve been there for 10
months now, it’s such a good opportunity and an exciting place to work. 
It’s interesting that you studied the production sides of things – most people study design or art etc. I kind of did the same after University I just thought ‘LONDON’ no matter what, I needed to be here to progress within the industry. I was just thinking – We both wear a lot of
black, tell me why you think that is?! 
There’s a really good
quote! Let me find it  *gets phone out  scrolls down* Okay I deleted it.
Theres something about
wearing black, it looks smart, nice, presentable.  I used to love loads of patterns and like
Jeremy Scott vibes  – I think that was
from Korean Kpop influences. Black just suits everyone, it’s so easy and
If I find that quote I
will send it to you!
Haha yes please! I’ve seen on your Instagram
you’re wearing a bit more colour for spring! Do you think everyone will get
bored of wearing black and start wearing colour?
I hope not. Because I’m
still going to be in black! I think with spring coming up there’s a part of me
that thinks I should be wearing colour. I think for me it’s going to be about
wearing some colour but on a more monochrome base. Just a pop of colour like
this denim shirt with this black and white outfit. I like to show what ASOS has
to offer too because my followers don’t just wear black and white.
Yeah I guess you cater to a wider audience! You get to show off your styling skills though! What’re your main
style influences?
Ive always been
obsessed with Japan, Korea like their streetstyle, people in those 
countries have a natural talent when putting outfits together. The music industries over
there too are so crazy they’re not afraid to look good on camera. They’re not
afraid to take risks, Even If I do wear all black I’m not afraid to wear like a
stand out piece that’s like ‘whaaaat’.
And models are really
cool nowadays y’know? There never used to be like cool male super models. Theres
quite a few male models that have their own sense of style. Which I think is
important when you work in the fashion industry.
I love Japan/Korea too , When I went to Korea I fell in love with their style. In Seoul everyone looked so polished and sleek. It was like being in the future. Speaking of their music industries – What sort of music are you listening to at the moment?
Obviously I’m obsessed
with K-Pop. But also I listen to a lady called Doja Cat. I feel like I’m really
late to the party with this one but she’s really cool.
I’ve not heard of Doja Cat – I’ll have a listen! I love K-Pop too but I think I love their style more than the music, some songs are amazing but I definitely watch it for the music videos. Working for ASOS
sounds like a dream! What’s it like being an ASOS Stylist? 
It’s Crazy. Crazy Good.
Whenever anyone asks what my job is I never know how to describe it. Obviously
Im a personal stylist but theres so much more to it. As a Stylist we get a
chance to be creative and come up with really cool content for our followers.
We’re really encouraged to be ourselves. It’s just about our own style, It’s
all very natural.
The company has such a
good ethos, there’s always a 
creative vibe and no ideas a bad idea. You really
feel like you’re working with everyone. Such a cool company, I always secretly
planned to work for them. Y’know I
thought I want to work at Topman and then hopefully move on to ASOS.
It sounds like a friendly place to work! I think that’s really important for a business success – positive vibes! So speaking of clothes/fashion etc – What’s your all time
favourite outfit you’ve worn? 
I can’t remember my
favourite outfit but I do remember my worst….
I used to be obsessed
with Chokers…
I remember my worst outfit
was based around this one choker. It was a blue dolphin choker with a blue t
shirt with Corduroy flares and a blue bodywarmer.
I thought I was the
Clearly I wasn’t.
Corduroy and Chokers sounds very very interesting….. I’ve never worn either of those in my life but I’ve had equally embarrassing get ups in the past! If you had to pick the
best brand out there right now, what would it be?
There’s so many, I’m
loving all the Scandinavian brands. I love Cheap Monday. They do all their
classics really well like Jeans, T-shirts. But they also have a more modern
touch to them. As much as I like my classics I do like them with a twist and
that’s what they do so perfectly.
I love Cheap Monday too! and Weekday! 🙂 Okay so my final question is Do you have any advice
for aspiring Stylists or people who want to work in the fashion industry? 

Be Patient and be
prepared to be poor for a very long time. The industry is so small, in the
sense that you’re always gonna know someone who knows someone. It’s really
important to actually be nice and hardworking. 
It’s about determination, it’s something that everyone always wants to
do and there’s so much competition. As long as you’re dedicated and It’s
something that you really want then you’re going to get it.

Big thanks to James for being a part of this – as I said we also have a YouTube video going live at the weekend so make sure you check that out! 🙂 Again here is James’s Instagram and please leave a comment or ask me/James a question! I’d love to know what you think of this type of post! 🙂

Have a great weekend!