Interning Day 7 & 8

Me and Katies Cat ‘Piggy’ =^_^=
Day 7 was technically a day off! I just had to pick up some fabric from Dalston then i went to Regents park to meet my friends where we had a picnic. Me and Forrest then went to watch the sunset on Primrose Hill, you can see the London Skyline from there, it’s such a beautiful place. After some Milkshakes and beers in Camden we decided to call it a night. ^_^

Today I picked up some dresses/shoes from the studio where all the samples are kept O_O i felt like a kid in a candy-store, most pieces were there from AW10 – SS12 and everything inbetween. It was basically Earyland! After picking up the stuff my mission was to sell T-shirts! Hence my next post…. which i’m gonna post straight away!  ^_^

ps. how cute is Piggy?! She’s a Maine Coon and she’s gonna grow huge! Like a baby tiger!