Interning Day 6

Me and Emma in Soho Square
I am literally falling asleep as i write this, today the weather was amazing again! After a long day at Katie Eary pinning/cutting patterns for shirts and jackets (which are going to look insane!). I went to meet my friend Emma at Soho Square (in doing so i walked past the KTZ shop and literally just drooled at their window display, think i’m actually going to go and have a look inside this weekend ^_^) and we hung out there for abit before having dinner at a lovely little italian restaurant called La Porchetta. Followed by Cocktails with Forrest and Jade. I love how the sun brings everybody out! I MUST SLEEP NOW!

Enjoy the cringe photobooth pictures taken OUTSIDE?! Yes i do leave the house believe it or not! haha U_U…..

^_^ goodnight!