Interning Day 4 & 5

Printed Silk Tee – Givenchy
Double whammy! (Cringe?!) haha. Erm i didnt have time to blog yesterday….
so yesterday began with hunting down gold eyelets and some fabric in central. I then had to take something to the British Fashion Council. This took me to Somerset House, i’ve never been before, it’s such a beautiful place. I’m sure i’ll be seeing alot more of it in the future. Basically just sorting out the whole collection and it should all be ready in the next couple of weeks!

Today the weather in London was amazing, i may have gone out to a club called ‘moonies’ last night so i was feeling abit under the weather/seriously dehydrated.Today consisted of cutting fabric and ironing all day with a lovely lunch break in the sun eating the BEST burgers ever from a stall on chapel market called ‘ The naked sausage’. I WISH MY PHONE CAMERA WORKED! so i could’ve showed you all via twitter or something. Anyway i am extremely tired now and there is some helicopter hovering above the flat and it wont go away U_U.

… how’re you? haha.