Inspirations in Off-White

Inspirations in Off-White

Photography by Tom Buck

In collaboration with MATCHESFASHION.COM

We’re well into 2017 and with the new year comes reinvention in every corner, a lot of people constantly ask me what my Inspirations are, my Style Heros, what’s my favourite brand, designer etc. So I thought I would give you a few lists of what has been inspiring me this year so far in the hopes that it inspires you too. You can look back at an older post I did last year here to see how much my inspirations have changed.

For this post I’ve teamed up with my favourite luxury online store MATCHESFASHION.COM to celebrate the new SS17 Off-White collection, I’ve styled up 3 different looks from MIRROR MIRROR to which you can find all products linked below each image.  Off-White is one of my inspirations and I’m really excited to be able to show these looks to you, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Track Jacket – Here / Graphic Tee – Here / Denim – Here / Sneakers – Here

Designers that Inspire Me

Virgil Abloh (Off-White) – He’s come a long way from the days of Pyrex Vision, now with a cult following for Milan based label Off-White Virgil combines high fashion and streetwear in a way that’s never been done before. I myself find inspiration in not only the pieces he creates but the whole aura around the brand, the womenswear, the menswear, the shows, the collaborations. Everything is on point at the moment and I’m so intrigued as to where the brand is going in the future. With rumours of Virgil becoming creative director at Givenchy who knows what’s in store.

Hedi Slimane (Saint Laurent) – From 2012 to 2016 Hedi Slimane took the reigns of Yves Saint Laurent and really shook things up, I fell in love with the rock n roll edge that Hedi envisioned for the label. Saint Laurent to me is one of those timeless brands that provides classic everlasting pieces and for that I’m always inspired.

Jerry Lorenzo (Fear of God) – Sometime last year I developed a slight obsession for Fear of God, not only for the brand itself but also the style of designer Jerry Lorenzo. Everything about the label is so fresh and new, the season-less collections, the public pre-orders, the exclusivity, the resale value. Not only does Jerry know what he’s doing in terms of design, keeping things home grown and relatable – he also knows how to turn the luxury world on its head.

Demna Gvasalia (Vetements and Balenciaga) – Demna, designer and spokesperson for the Vetements collective secured his place in Fashion history when he was appointed artistic director of Balenciaga last year. Vetements again turned the luxury industry upside down with its deconstructed rebellious designs, making a mockery of the fashion industry which in turn became fashionable in itself. The long sleeves, the oversized bomber jackets, the re-hashed denim – Demna has certainly influenced an entire generation of style which is what inspires me the most.



Track Jacket – Here / Field Jacket – Here / Denim – Here / Sneakers – Here

Instagram Inspirations

@ootdmen – one of my biggest inspirations and sources for menswear looks, although more mainstream it’s really important to surround yourself with great outfits and imagery even if only to better understand your own style.

@thismintymoment – without a doubt my favourite Instagram account by far is my friend Minh, I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with him a couple of times both in London and LA and needless to say his work is incredibly inspiring.

@outfitoffuture – similar to ootdmen, outfitofftuture is a more streetwear approach to menswear, serving look after look with the likes of Yeezy, Vetements to Bape and Supreme. Another great source of inspiration.

@blavknut – I’ve been following blavknut for quite a long time and each day he inspires me to up my game in terms of style, he’s always so flawlessly put together and his feed serves as great inspiration if you’re into high end streetwear.

@pause_online  – my friend Johnson runs Pause magazine here in London and their Instagram is always on point, always bringing the latest news in the world of streetwear/fashion – if something has happened, Pause will have posted about it. An essential for any streetwear enthusiast.

Cap -HereTrack Jacket – Here / Field Jacket – Here / Denim – Here / Sneakers – Here

Bomber Jacket – Here / Graphic Tee – Here

Places that Inspire Me

Los Angeles – I was lucky enough to visit twice last year and I can’t really put into words my feelings when I’m in LA. For me the biggest inspiration are my surroundings, the architecture, the sunshine, the creativity. It’s like London, if London had better weather, was less cramped and had a more chilled out vibe. If you’ve not been, I urge you to go.

London – I’ve lived here for nearly 4 years now and I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the UK, London to me is everything, it’s where my friends are, how I’ve built my career as a full time blogger/youtuber and the food is incredible haha. Its architecture is next level, the young talent here has so much potential and there’s always something to do. For a young adult living in the UK there’s no better place to thrive than in London.

Tokyo – My trip to Tokyo last year, albeit short was also one of the most inspiring trips ever. Japan is intense, yes the earthquake I experienced made it seem even more intense that it probably was. However it’s like London x10, the streets are always busy, neon lights light up every street and yet It felt a whole lot safer than London. The Japanese have one thing that Britain hasn’t quite grasped yet and that’s respect for others. I want to go back to Tokyo to fully experience it but it definitely inspired me a lot.

Bomber Jacket – Here / Graphic Tee – Here

Music Inspirations 

Terror Jr – Pretty much since I heard Terror Jr -3 Strikes I’ve been addicted to everything they do, I’ve constantly used their music as inspiration for my Lookbooks over on my YouTube channel. Their futuristic beats with high pitched vocals just makes me feel at ease.

San Holo – Again an artist that I’ve featured a lot over on my YouTube videos, San Holo fuses trap, house and great lyrics to create inspirational tracks.

Drake – Do I even need to write anything here? haha

Kanye West – Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is my favourite album of all time, TLOP was great but in my opinion nothing can compare to BDTF. Yeezy has been inspiring our generation with his music since 2004 with College dropout and has come such a long way since then and now I’m wearing his sneakers haha.

If you want to know more about what kind of music I listen to you can follow my Spotify playlist here.

Bomber Jacket – Here / Graphic Tee – Here

I want to thank MATCHESFASHION.COM for working with me on this post and a thanks to you for reading it, if you do have any questions or would like to share your inspirations just leave a comment below.