Impossible Is Nothing

Leather Cap – ASOS/Essential Sweater – ADYN/Skort – Zara /black leggings/ Nike Air Max – Net a Porter

Another Outfit from the black hole that is my wardrobe. These are pretty much my go – to pieces right now considering the weather and the comfort of all these badboys, that Zara Skort is like woahhh, I love the cut and the price haha, DRKSHDW inspired or whaaaaaaat. 

I’ve been to some really good restaurants around London recently so I’m going to post some food posts soon! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I have an obsession with south east asian cuisine…. I’m probably just going to tell you guys about all the different kinds of Katsu Curry that London has to offer lmao. No but seriously it will mainly be Korean/Japanese and Chinese food posts because that’s all I eat. The weathers been real nice recently which has in turn burnt my face but whatever. I can’t stop listening to Iggy Azalea hence the posts title, I’ve been trying to find some decent music for ages though, y’know something that when you listen to it, you get really excited? or think ‘damn I really wanna listen to that song right now’ but 2014, you got nothing so far. Bleh. 

me when I hear about a good restaurant 

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