5 Tips on How to Start a YouTube Channel

How To Start a YouTube Channel 

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I may talk about my YouTube channel now and again here on my blog but I don’t shout about it enough really, if you’ve never watched my videos then go and check them out (here) over the past year I’ve uploaded 2 videos a week and gained over 25,000 subscribers so I feel like I’m doing something right over in the land of YouTube. I love making videos so much, I’m just a nerd for content creation really. I like to think it’s my channel is like gallucks.com but in video form. I get asked a lot from people over on Youtube and on Instagram etc how to start a YouTube channel so I want to give you 5 Tips on how to Start your own. This is more of a – how mentally prepared you should be and what you need to start!


Be Brave 

Before any of the technical things, like actually setting up the channel etc – It took a long time of umming and ahhhing before I finally set up my tripod and put that camera in front of my face and guess what? It was awful! You can go and check out my first video if you like, it’s about shoes because guess what? I love shoes. I really love going back and watching old videos because yes, they may be horrendous but you can see the growth in yourself – the way you talk to the camera, your confidence, your content, your appearance! just everything, just like blogging, YouTube is a way to document your own life and that in itself is invaluable. I say if you’re thinking of doing it or wanting to do it then the best thing to do is to just be brace and go for it.


Have an Idea

What will your videos be about? I’m a menswear fashion blogger so of course I always had a plan that my videos would be about the clothes that I like. It goes hand in hand with my blog and Instagram etc but there are so many options when it comes to YouTube. Make videos about what you’re passionate about – I’ve met so many content creators that have extremely different channels from reviewing sports cars to gardening. Whatever your ideas are, you can achieve them – you just need an idea.



It’s really not difficult to become a YouTuber (being successful is a different story) – I know a lot of Youtubers that record their videos with their Iphone so there really is no excuse. I use my Canon 700d with the kit lens that I got 3 years ago and it’s still going strong. Whether it’s an iphone or a camera, as long as the quality is decent then the rest is up to you. Up until last month I used Imovie to edit my videos – there’s usually some form of free video editing software when you purchase a laptop nowadays but if not there’s plenty of help online to purchasing the right one.  Then actually setting up the channel is so simple, it’s just like setting up an Instagram account or a facebook page, plus Youtube is so helpful now with their Creator Studio. They give you online tutorials and workshops on how to improve your channel etc. You’ll understand once you start creating content – it’s the only way to learn!



Like with blogging – Consistency is key, regular uploads, improving little by little each time. You can see what to improve, music? editing? etc. Like I said you learn as you go on and it’s fun to look back and see how far you’ve come. I like to upload twice a week, I think it’s a happy medium and always gives my community something new to watch. You have to understand that all of your videos aren’t going to please everybody but that’s what makes us all so unique. I have a niche community of like minded guys that like the same clothing that I do which brings me onto my last topic.



The most incredible and important part of being a YouTuber is your audience. The people that actually take the time to watch my videos mean so much to me, I’ve ended up making a lot of friends online and offline through my channel and it’s so important to have the support of everyone and support them in return. My subscribers push me to make better videos, inspire me to new ways of thinking and help me so much in real life to be honest. YouTube can be a scary place with some nasty comments at times and I’ll quite often find my most loyal subscribers jumping to the rescue and defending me and if it really is the best feeling when someone you respect sticks up for you. I like to think of it as just making friends and each and every relationship is important as the next, so if you’re the viewer make sure to leave a comment, ask a question and if you’re the YouTuber – read them and if you have time , reply! (this does get a little difficult when you get 100’s of comments but I read each and every single one, more often than not I snapchat my comments too!) So if you’re thinking of starting a YouTube channel, you have to be willing and prepared to make lots of new friends!

I hope this has given you an insight into how to start a YouTube channel, there is so much more that goes into it this is just scratching the surface, let me know what you think of this post and if you’d like more advice about YouTube! Don’t forget to subscribe 😉