Leather Cap – ASOS/Tiger Sweater – Kenzo/4 Card Tee- KTZ/Jeans – Topman/Nike Air Maxim 1
It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally found time to do outfit posts, I”ve got a lot more lined up too so if you have me on facebook (here), Twitter (here), Instagram (here) or Tumblr (here) expect your news feeds to be full of my black and white ensembles U_U. I’ve had a bit of a redesign here on the blog and got my glorious URL that is gallucks.com , also been busy with my brand 
Aeon Elysium for which I’m currently preparing the new collection.
So the outfit! The leather cap from ASOS is the best £12 I’ve ever spent, I’ve worn this for like 2 years now, I do take it off and been trying to wear it less lately because well my head needs to breathe. But there’s a certain comfort/security in wearing it that I really like. The sweater I treated myself to at the end of last year, I got my final paycheck from the X Factor and ran straight to the Kenzo store on Bond Street frothing at the mouth like ‘DO YOU HAVE THE BLACK AND WHITE ONE?!’ They did. 
The T-shirt from KTZ I got from a spanish stockist but I believe is now in the sale on the KTZ Site.
The jeans just spray on skinny from Topman and the Nikes were in the sale just after christmas on Net-A-Porter! They’re perfect because they’re only black and white, I clean them nearly everyday and haven’t really worn any other shoes since January…..
I literally live in a rotation of the same small wardrobe, my friends are always like umm Joel didn’t you wear that yesterday/last time I saw you? I’m like YEAH WHATEVER
Anyway I’m glad to be back on THG and can’t wait to show you guys my outfit posts and also I’m always on Instagram (here) now so if you follow me on there and leave a comment or smth I’m quite friendly I promise ! 

 Any questions please comment or use my Tumblr Ask.