Since im in my third year of university I’m so busy with my dissertation (How High Fashion is a more powerful and relevant form of theatre than traditional theatre) Directing and work placement modules. I just feel like i’m busy all the time! We had a reading week recently and it was my friend Pierres 21st birthday so me and my friends went on a road trip to his home in Holland.  Catching the Channel tunnel to France and then driving through Belgium etc. The road trip was awesome and takes about aslong as it takes for me to drive back to my home in Manchester, so i’m pretty used to long car journeys. 
We Cycled ALOT. Pierres parents got me and my friends 10 bikes to cycle all around holland, we visited loads of places that i cannot remember the name of, just be sure that there was alot of food, alcohol and Chocomel (dutch chocolate milk ^.^). The images above are mainly from the Sex Museum in Amsterdam which was really funny. We passed through the Red light district and i really didn’t know how to feel about it all, i really didn’t like it. I felt bad for the women but i guess every single woman has their own reason for being there, some negative and some maybe positive? You can’t just put them all under the same label. We then headed to a club called Escape for Pierres birthday, however we did not know that it was an all asian party called ‘Dirty Asian’……! They let us in anyway as they couldn’t stereotype against us haha. We had an awesome night which then involved getting a double decker train at 4am and then cycling home for about an hour….. O_O. ALL GOOD FUN THOUGH!
Now i feel super fit and healthy? I was also able to keep up with all London Fashion Week shows etc on my phone, i streamed the KTZ show live and now can’t stop looking at my Tarot cards without imagining the collection. Also managed to squeeze in some SHOWstudio live panels. So i didn’t miss out too much! ^__^ I also got to see all my friends wonderful outfits eg. Siqi, Randa and Nathan! 
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How has everyone been?!