Hella Good

Do you like my new laptop case? I’m in love O_O it was about £7 off ebay! I can now transport my macbook safely without having to wrap it in a hoody :’). My shelves of shoes is probably the best thing in my room. I’ve downloaded all of No Doubts discography and i can’t stop listening, a few days ago me and some friends were talking about 90’s music and it’s just taken ahold of me haha.

I’m off to Birmingham this weekend for my friends Birthday! I’m really excited to see Danielle and Tessa ^__^ I’ve got the cutest birthday present for Danielle but i’ll only post a picture after i’ve given it to her! (Danielle, if you’re reading this, I won ;D )

How’s everyones week going? Hey to my new followers ^__^ Link me to your blogs/leave comments and i’ll get back to you!